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Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The app will allow you to see all your favorite store sales whether they have a coupon or not, and let you choose the items you need PLUS show the same coupon matchups you see on our site!! The app also includes other National and Regional Deals that we do not cover but you can choose the 10 you would like to have as your Favorites. Skippy Peanut Butter, 15 — Home Supplies. But a good discount at a grocery store would be very beneficial. Reply Aldis has a lot more fresh vegs.

Reply Love shopping in smaller grocery stores and Fresh Thyme in Nebraska really excellent for better produce and cheaper produce. It is very efficient for the things older handicapped people buy. Judy Tuhy Reply I just recently retired and I am very worried about how me and my husband are gonna make it. He is on a lot of medication. I have animals that I have to take care of and of course us. I am praying I can find a way around this. Reply Mrs. Baker; go online and look for part-time jobs for senior citizens in your area.

Hope this tidbit of information helps you. May God bless you and your family. Reply I am judt happy to be a senior. I went to Harbor Freight brought a couple of items, and asked if they honored Military Veterans, the clerk told me No! I very seldom getting take advantage of the discounts because by the time I pay my bill there is nothing left. Reply Try Publix,they hire part time workers, few days a week available. Especially seniors students, and the disabled. Reply I had no idea grocery stores are offering discounts to seniors. Reply Boston is cheap with us seniors! You need to get on South 95 and go about miles, until you reach a place call Florida.

No grocery food taxes. Reply But the cost of living is higher and does not offset any discounts. Reply Yes.. I live in a house that I can no longer deal with.. Reply 1. It is important for senior citizens to get up and out of the house for a number of reasons : 1 To get some fresh air.

To get some exercise, even if it is just a walk. To socialize. A lot of their friends are no longer there.

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Some have passed away, some have moved To Nursing homes, Assisted living facilities, to be nearer their relatives, etc. Any activity is better than no activity. Everything in moderation. Reply Very well put, thank you sweetie Reply I agree with the previous woman who stated that your statements were well put. It is so important to be out and about and for it to be affordable. Ted K. If so, give me a call — you have my number. Ken Reply Rosetta W.

Reply None in Calif. Staters is a HUGE food store out here and discounts nothing for seniors!! We pay above what other states do on just about everything we buy. I do wish we had left Calif yrs ago but we each were caregivers for our parents back then. We now take advantage of free home repair program and I go to the food give away program each week.

Reply Krogers is called Ralphs here. But of course they stopped giving discounts.

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Maybe some of the others listed have a different name in California, just as brand names change geographically [e. It never hurts to ask at the front desk of any store. They said the cost of living had not gone up. I would like to know why they thought that especially when I look at my water bill, gas at the fuel pumps of power bill for heating or electric meter at home.

I bet the politicals have some to pay their bill or we are paying them to much or absorbing their bills for them! What about the West coast, more importantly, Eastern Washington State?? Whaaa we always get left out! We also have senior organizations like meals on wheels that will help seniors with food. So instead of worrying about discounts at stores seek out info in your community where you can get FREE food!

Reply What would help a lot of people would be if businesses somehow let ppl know they offer discounts to seniors or military. I just recently dined at a restaurant that had such notice printed on the menu — though that was wonderful. I certainly do not begrudge our military service members some discounts but it would be nice to sometimes get some relief on my bills. I, unfortunately, was not able to serve in the military. I did go to enlist but was medically deferred from all four branches so I now struggle to make ends meet at 60 with no hope at all to ever retire — there just is no money so I will get to die at a desk.

Reply Gosh, Mike, this is terrible! Have you considered getting a roommate to help share expenses? I did — I found a young gay man, half my age who was destitute and going them a breakup. We formed an Intergenerational Housing Alliance. He cuts the grass, does all the lifting and shopping. I cook and do laundry, he works full time.

He is just the sweetest man you would ever want to meet. And, due to age and identity, there is no pressure on either side if you catch my drift, good luck to you! Reply In my Opinion, In respect to your concern, I support the fact, that 65years, and Older qualifies, since we are Still in the land of the living and we Still posses purchasing power, We have that right to honored discounts in this society in which we live, and We as a People set that standard. Reply When Walmart gives senior discounts laughable then e-mail me. Reply I agree.

No circulars in the local newspapers or in the store pertaining to store weekly sales like other supermarkets. Some people think that seniors want it all. Corporate busnesses have it all, and then some. Reply You are the voice for the people! Thank you! Reply I think that all stores should have Discounts for Seniors in every State. It really does help. Reply I used to work as an accountant in retail and know it is not as simple as many think. Take a look at the giants such as Wards, Kmart and Sears to name a few of those giants.

It certainly saves on the grocery bill. I heard that Arizona is the only state that has those stores. It also has gently used store ie Stuff were a person can find other types of items for the home and yourself at very reasonable prices. I hope this helps. Reply Oregon has Dollar Tree. Oregon also has Dollar General.

Reply California has those stores. They do have dollar tree! Many of their prices are no better than any other marketplace. Sometimes their prices are even higher. The only problem is the rural area where I live, the only available shopping is at Walmart or drive 30 miles or more to the first available grocery store. There are also many Dollar Tree stores you can look up in your local phone book or Google. Reply In Tenn. We have Dollar tree, Dollar store and Family dollar and i love them!! Reply Family Dollar stores are about everywhere. And very helpful on a tight budget. They also have them in Arkansas.

Reply We had one in Washington state years ago…we use to shop there.. Reply I read the comment from the lady in Arizona. I live in Pennsylvania and we too have both store here in my state. Honestly, many times I live on food from the Dollar Store. Reply You are wrong. However we also have Aldis. Good food items for less. As a senior citizen myself,I completely agree with you! Those stores are a true blessing for those of us who are not filthy rich! It allows us to stretch out our meager dollars to not feel so second class! Most of us have worked our fingers and backs to the bone,only to receive the shitty and of the stick at the end of it!

A lot of countries honor their elders, for their wisdom, experience of life and love for mankind and family members! The United States has a lot of catching up to do in that department! Thank God for our discount stores, and I really mean that, without you a lot of folks would have no choice but to go without!!!!! Reply My brother lives in Arizona and loves it there.

ShopRite Coupon Match Ups – Week of 4/12

I live in Georgia and we have a Dollar Tree but understand they are going out of business. So glad for you and the other older people like us. On adverage, these stores cost as much to shop as going to Walmart. Reply there are dollar tree , dollar general, and family dollar stores pretty much all around Missouri.

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Reply Linda. We have Dollar Tree, Dollar General. The Family Dollar is closing the stores here. Reply Not one of the stores on your list are in my driving area, or even in the state of Vermont. Reply I agree, why to bother to tell people about these wonderful discounts when they do not apply. Just send them to their valid place only!!!

Reply Here is an idea, get off the victum wagon and find your own discounts. You could always share them with others, No one cares about Vermont, just like Vermont has never expressed concern about any other state. Reply Not in southern Florida. I was a cashier a in southern Florida. I was told that we Do NOT give senior discounts nor military discounts. I was surprised at a couple places that had them. Jack In the Box restaurants have senior discounts but only if you go inside, not at the drive thru.

All you have to do is ask. Reply Probably too many seniors in Florida, would really kill their profit. Reply Or North Carolina. I go for buy one get one if the price right. Otherwise the prices go up on something every time I go. Their home office is in Lakeland, Florida. Jenkins, founder of Publix would be saddened. The new generation to the board of directors are all about money.

They even took alot from their employees. Very sad. I think everyone should send an email to their corporate offices. Reply We use to have the Publix every Wed. But they stopped it said the do the buy one get one free to help all people. My parents immigrated from Cuba in the early fifties. We have always resided in Florida.

My parents were hardworkimg people who never received any governmental benefits. Everything we obtained was through their hard work. What bothers me now is that all the new immigrants receive some sort of benefits Medicaid, free housing, food stamps, financial aid, etc. They even work under the table and do not pay taxes, but nevertheless, they manage to send their money to Cuba. It is a fact that they collect retirement benefits and manage to send the monies they receive from the government to purchase properties in Cuba and rent those houses to the tourists for additional monies while they remain here collecting benefits and making themselves rich in a communist country.

Do you think this government acknowledge these practices? What is the purpose of not putting these practices out-of circulation? This government also know about the drug trafficking between Cuba, South American countries, including Mexico, and yet do nothing about it. There is a lot of talk and no action. They claim that the embargo takes care of all of these practices.

How can the embargo work when Cuba has relationships with other countries and allow some Cubans to travel to third countries to purchase goods. How do they allow Americans to go hungry, do not provide financial aid for their kids, retirees and good, hard-working people to be with complete health-care coverage, allowances for their mortgages and sufficient food allowance. We are looked as nothing, they do look at us as people from third world countries.

It is very sad. I am glad to say that my family and us are law abiding citizens, hard-working people and citizens of this great country, who thank all the veterans who fought for us to live with freedom, and pray that they reconsider their attitudes and treat us like equals. No wonder children ad elderly are going hungry in this rich nation. It is a sin what American government allows to happen to its deserving citizens. Reply Cuba is closed now for US citizens. The President stopped all travel to Cuba last month. Reply I hope all you concerned citizens know how your state, federal representatives vote on these issues.

That is where you go to put pressure on the people who legislate our states and federal governments. Read their platforms before voting for them. When they hear what issues are important to the everyday folks, they either change or should be voted out. They certainly get an adequate salary and far above the average worker here. I believe they should have terms limits and no retirement or medical benefits when they retire or not voted in the next term. Keep our legislature honest, as it is an honor to serve the people, not a career.

Know what your representatives stand for!!!!! LOTS of them say one thing and do the reverse!!!!! YOU must get involved in order to make changes in our government!!!!!! They are lots of ways—check into it. Term limits are a MUST!!! Reply Need discounts for food, etc. Reply Yes. It would help more. Heck No! They can afford discounts for all seniors! Tell them off. Reply Are there any stores or discount stores in Texas for the elderly? There was one that I found out bout and then they stopped! It is so hard to make a go on a one income family, groc, gas, electric, and doctors,and meds?

Hints if anyone has any, we have Ins, but even paying for it and then the money you have to pay even before seeing a Doctor or being put into the hospital???? Someone needs to do something, my husband and I both work and our children are grown, and we even have great grandchildren now! We are both retirement age and my husband works 10 to 12 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week!!!!! We use all the income each week for gas, upkeep on our car, groceries, medicines, taxes, and etc.

What are hard working people doing, never had any help from government of any kind! Hope we never have too! We just do without, lived on red beans, cornbread, and sometime butterballed potatoes, or corn. That was our meals sometimes every other day of the week, then the other days were peanut butter jelly sandwiches! I ld hate to see the children of now days to live off what we have in our home with 2 children. Not easy, but our children are grown now and both married and families of their own! I mean the government need to give the older people a little more help in their elderyears!

I mean some type of break, on grocies, gas, electric bills, and so on! Could be Monday. Reply Texas seniors only get from8 to15 dollars aa month in food stampsif they have medicare Reply Yes. Supposed live with that little food. Reply I live on a month they took my food stamps down from 87dollars to 15 dollars… What the heck. I have worked hard my whole life and this is what I get. Not right. I know people who lie and they get dollars a month in food stamps. I know a house hold that has 2 people in it and they are drawing dollars a month in food stamps. Reply I totally agree.

I think some of our government officials should have to come down off of their high horses and try to live off of this missely amount of money. It is hell trying to decide what medications you can go without that month just so you can buy a little food for the month. I remember as the years slipped by that some had medical issues that prevented them from working. From what I understood, the government paid farmers and food was packaged and stored.

This helped the farmers and was a Real Big to the people that needed it. They had 5 package of cheese, 5 package of meats, 5 box of dry milk and lots of other items of food. I do not know the whys or hows this was done, but it worked, but they were all very happy when they received the food.

There was a butcher shop a few miles away. I went and got the cheapest meat, cow heart. Came home cleaned and removed the membrane, sliced and pounded it dipped it in flour and fried it. Told the family it was steak! We never qualified for Food Stamps. Now people come from other places and sponsor their family members to come put them on Food Stamps, medical, dental, housing and they would have 7 to 10 people in a small apartment, all types of government help.

Find them jobs for anyone old enough to work and still on welfare! Reply Well, thanks for letting me know. My husband says we should get them. And, we are both 70 years old. Thanks, anyway. I am not a military person and have had relatives who were that came back after serving multiple tours and worked daily jobs. Discounts are a blessing.

This just shows me that people in the business arena have hearts! Reply I whole heartedly agree. If they wore the uniform they get the discount. Reply Wore the uniform? Free housing for life? Somebody probably young workers would have to pay for it, and the opportunity for corruption and abuse would be huge. The journey is more important than the destination. Keep working, earn, pay, socialize, live, enjoy……….. None of you should be looking for a discount to unhealthy food places. Free housing for vets would be cost prohibited. He is in the waiting hell Reply I totally agree we need to take care of our vets.

Depending on their personal situation maybe they do deserve free housing. Other are able to work. My grandfather served in WW1 and was gassed and later died from illnesses he got from being gassed in the first place. My father served at the end of WW2 and when he passed my mother got none of the benefits because all his records were destroyed in a fire and all she had was a picture of him with no platoon, which of course does not mean anything to the military.

A few years later my sister found his dog tags and called to see if my mother could now get the benefits she deserved and could my father get the recognition he deserves at his gravesite, still nothing. These men and women who served and are serving should be treated much better and at the very least their medical condition should be looked after no matter what.

Did your mother contact the Veteran Administration directly? Where were his records lost?. Surely she can get some help.

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Have her go. I am grateful to those companies that do offer us and seniors I qualify there too for their acknowledgments. Hope this is beneficial. Reply Call your Congressman and they will help!! Well said. Reply I am 74 served US Army to Glad I missed. Viet Nam even though I put in for transfer 2 of my good friends were there. Reply The Korean war vets could apply for a disability pension. So did quite a few vets in Toledo, Ohio after my dad spread the word among the vfw. There was a fund that the gov could not use one penny of but only for Korean vets that no one knew about.

If there are any Korean war vets out there anymore go directly to your local vets insurance office. Maybe Jag could help you. Reply I agree with you totally Lynn… Will you please run for president??? Reply Yep, I have applied for compensation for exposure to agent orange. Have leukemia because of it. Claim is in but when we call we are always told that it is still being investigated although I am told that I am eligible for benefits. I am so tired. Constantly tired. And, it is a job for which they are being paid. From what I understand appox. You need a new contact. Look them up or check them out at your VA hospital.

Usually, they are paid a minimum for their facilities or they are volunteers who are very serious about obtaining benefits for veterans. You will have to make an appointment with them and bring all your medicals, discharge papers, etc. When you call they will tell you exactly what you need. If not contact our President. He is working for Vets and all of us. Calling your Congress person may not help since they are not working for Americans at this time. They always say there is no money.

And the drugs and all illegal stuff going on, money probably going into the political pockets. The help for everyone is getting less and less all the time. I wonder how many of these politicians have been in the military or visited a warzone. God Bless You all. Reply As a Veteran, i deeply appreciate your sentiment. But we must all be vigilant that in our haste to do good we do not let the Government control too much of our lives.

Socialism is not free, it comes at a steep cost to our freedoms and ability to produce an income for ourselves. Serving the country was a great honor for me. It is what I believe I owed this country and my family, to help keep this country free for my future descendants. I would never want my service to be used as a reason to lessen those freedoms by taking money from others to make my life easier when I am able bodied and ready to make a living for my self.

That cost is much too high for me. Reply Thank you. Im 78 soon and I will never forget the lecture from my Father. We need balanced budget. We have to stop spending we could be the next Greece. It is a very simple matter to use Google to find out the truth. A very well written and put together statement! Thank you for your service… Reply Rj stuart, You asked where the money would come from. How about the politictians taking a big cut in pay? Nothing is free or even discounted for vets or seniors. Why do you think so many of them are homeless.

Now that IS a disgrace. Most never even got most of their benefits, not from lack of trying. Again SHAME on the government for not helping out the people that fought for this country so those people could have those benefits. Reply Sir, You are a real blessing to our country. Q1 who would not should pay for all the free? Tax dollars only go so far. You left out police, fire fighters, teachers, other working civil servants… Q2 and why 70?

As a culture, like those who survived and even excelled during the depression, we need to start paying for the choices we make. And, am touched that many citizens appreciate us that much. I never really gave any thought to being treated any differently than any other law abiding citizen. To me, it was just my time. And, to take something to the enemies doorstep, that was far beyond what their mind could have ever comprehended. We did you proud. Just, to come home and become a broken up gimp who feels he has no worth.

There was a time when I had very lucrative job offers given to me if I wanted them. But then, all of a sudden the ability to function physically and mentally, got taken. Freedom is not a God given right. It has been, and will always be up to us to give our posterity that right. And you know what that entails. Of course, getting discounts is really nice.

Especially, when your on a fixed income. None of us did what we did for any financial gain. And, I know that you know this… We love our country and it citizens too much, to expect anything from them. My only wish is that I had my health and my family back. And, of course, that the VA would at least give half an effort.

Many thanks to you, and other like you, that want the best for us. That torch of responsibility has now been passed down to my oldest son and son in law.

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I just pray to God that they never have to be a part of such inhumane things that we experienced. Thanks to all of you grateful Americans and what you do for us.

Reply Thank you for your service and for submitting you heartfelt message. Prayers daily for our military as I ,Experience many are leaders where ever they call home Reply Fantastic message. Thanks for sharing your unique and powerful insight. I salute you, sir! Reply what can anyone do to help you even in a small way…. Pearson, I will thank God every day for you and your family.

You brought tears to my heart. Thank you so much for your service to protect my freedom and my families freedom. Your story really touched my heart. My husband and I are seniors, he served his country and never received anything, not even medical services, but we never let it affect us. Check it out :. For the Lakes Eggs coupon you need to change the zip code , if you are unsure how to do that you can check out my video I did on how.

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